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Online Reputation

On average, communities with Apartment Life have an ORA Score 10 points higher than the market norm.

ORA Score Comparison

All You Have To Do Is Ask

When it comes to your company's online reputation, active management is key. But how do you get glowing reviews online? According to Jamie Gorski, Senior VP of Corporate Marketing for the Bozzuto Group, 62 percent of residents would post a review if they were asked, but fewer than 9 percent of residents had been asked. 

Apartment Life is perfectly positioned to invite residents to share about their experience, because our coordinators have organic touch points through events and activities. It's friends asking friends face-to-face.
online rep

"A difference of one star in the average rating can lead to a 5-9% difference in revenues."

Harvard Business Review

Proof It Works

"Over the course of three weeks, the team at Post Addison Circle was able to make a strong online presence in the form of 25 positive reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google, and Additionally, we saw the rating on rise from 75 percent approval to 80 percent – way over the Addison-area average of 70 percent."  
Post Addison Circle, MAA

A team spent just one day encouraging residents of Avana at Wescott Plantation (Greystar) in Charleston, SC to post an online review, and their rating increased from 81 to 85 percent! 

"The partnership between Apartment Life and our community staff at Element Deer Valley generated 64 positive online reviews (60 positive, 3 neutral, and 1 negative) in just 5 days. What an outstanding accomplishment!"
Senior Community Manager at Element at Deer Valley, Greystar

“Apartment Life is able to connect with a resident, engage with them, get feedback that’s positive, then encourage them to share that feedback on social media platforms.”
David Moore, Knightvest President

Actual Reviews From Apartment Life Communities

How It Works

Welcome/Renewal Visits
As our coordinators assess a resident’s move-in and overall living experience through welcome and renewal visits, they are able to encourage the resident to provide an authentic review of their good-to-great experience.

While hosting events, our coordinators will encourage residents to post an online review of both the events and their overall experience in the community. 

Apartment Life Coordinators will actively listen for raving fans and encourage them to share their experience online. This happens in a very organic, relational way as the team lives in the community (e.g. at the mailbox, at the pool, at the fitness center, etc.).

Apartment Life partners with Modern Message to provide best-in-class technology, which in turn, helps our coordinators and teams connect digitally with their residents, as well as face-to-face. Here's more info on what that partnership looks like for our clients.

Let's Do This
Want to talk to a real human being? Still have questions? Ready to say YES to bringing Apartment Life to your community? We'd love to hear from you!