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What Others Are Saying About Us

"LMC has long supported and partnered with Apartment Life in most of our communities. Community outreach, making our residents feel welcome, appreciated, and at home is vital to our resident retention and ultimately, our success. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results we get with Apartment Life.”
Todd Farrell, President, LMC

”Pinnacle uses Apartment Life at our properties to significantly impact bottom line performance and positively impact our residents' lives. The cares team helps reduce turnover while encouraging, connecting, and loving on our residents. We are all called to impact people’s lives and be a blessing to them, and Apartment Life helps us do that in a significant way.”
Rick Graf, CEO, Pinnacle

"I was planning on moving out about 6 months ago, but I had met so many friends here and had such good community that it made too much sense to stay to be near all them. Why would I move when I live in a building with all of my favorite people and can see them at free events?"
Resident, 1000 South Broadway, Greystar

"Apartment Life has been a great partner for JPI in our resident service initiatives. Not only does the cares program make business sense, it also helps us achieve our goal of making a real difference in the lives of our associates and residents."
Bobby Page, President, JPI

“There is a lot of talk in the industry about how we need to care for our residents, but it just simply doesn’t happen. That’s a real important aspect of Apartment Life's cares program, hence, the cares team living onsite and truly caring about the residents. If you can reduce your turnover from an industry norm of 65% down to 55%, you have had a significant impact on your bottom line.”

Marshall Edwards, Former CIO, Walden Residential
Resident Retention
“If we save one person a month because of the cares program, it has more than paid for what I’m getting in return. The industry is recognizing it as part of our management operations.” 

Cindy Scoggins, Vice President, Westdale Asset Management

Online Reputation
"Our cares team is in a great position to get our residents talking about their experience. After our cares team conducted an email marketing campaign to encourage residents to go online to rate their experience, our community experienced an eight-point increase."

Cindy Walters, Property Manager, Bay Isle Key (Riverstone Residential)

Resident Satisfaction
"The things that a cares team does are things that our staff cannot do, and in a sense that’s priceless. As we went through the economic crunch that everyone else did, we were able to retain folks a lot better than most. Apartment Life helps us define what home is all about. They help us define what Fairfield is about."

Cathy Stiles, Regional Vice President, Fairfield Residential

"I’m a believer in the cares program! The personal relationships that our cares teams develop with our residents is a huge benefit for us at ZRS. They have committed acts of kindness that have blown my mind. Cares teams go above and beyond to help care for residents in a way that is priceless."
Luanne McNulty, Vice President, ZRS Management

"The cares teams have clearly created value on our properties by drawing our residents into activities, into friendships with other residents, and by helping our staff create a welcoming environment in the community."
Tom Wilkes, Principal, Walton Communities

Testimonial"I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your cares teams for doing such an incredible job at our Nob Hill property in Houston last week after their property was impacted by the flood [Hurricane Harvey]. Their performance was nothing short of amazing, which has made my management people become huge advocates of yours. You should be proud of the work that you and all of your organization do!"
Rodney F. Emery, CEO, Steadfast Companies

I have had the privilege and joy of working with cares teams and resident service coordinators at several properties throughout the DFW Metroplex. At each property, they have made a tremendous difference in the lives of our residents. From that first welcome visit to planned activities to encouraging words at all times, cares teams and resident service coordinators are a wonderful asset wherever they are located.
Vata Paris, Regional Property Supervisor, Alton Management Corporation

Community is more than a sentiment for Crescent; it’s a mission and we take it to heart. We design and develop our communities with careful thought to how people want to live and interact with their neighbors. We believe community is what differentiates a memorable living experience from an above average one. Pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses can be replicated, but the people, service, and attentiveness that create a sense of community can’t. Apartment Life is about bringing community to life. In conjunction with outstanding management teams, the cares program creates an environment that differentiates Crescent Communities.
Darren Pierce, Senior Director, Asset Management, Crescent Communities

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