Onsite vs Offsite

What's the Difference?

Apartment Life customizes its programs a bit like lego blocks. Different parts can be adjusted to customize a program that best meets the needs of our clients. A big part of that is onsite vs. offsite.


The coordinator lives onsite (at the apartment where they serve) for a reduced amount.

  • Checkmark Typically team of 2 coordinators (occasionally single coordinators)
  • Checkmark Serves mostly conventional (A&B) apartment communities
  • Checkmark Coordinators serve approx. 16-20 hours / week

Offsite Part- or

The coordinator lives offsite and receives an hourly wage.

  • No requirement to move
  • Coordinators can serve one or multiple communities
  • Available for all community types (conventional, low-income/affordable, senior, concierge)

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