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Welcome to the Apartment Life Leadership podcast!

Our goal is to provide helpful and inspiring leadership content for our partners, staff, coordinators, and for anyone desiring to grow in their leadership. I am your host, Randy Ginnan.

Randy is the National VP of Partner Relations for Apartment Life. Randy has been on staff since 2010, serving in a variety of capacities, including as the Regional President of South Texas for more than 10 years. Randy and his wife Donna were coordinators serving in a community in Katy, TX, for six years.

The Apartment Life Leadership Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.

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Episode 227:  “Leadership is a Behavior”

Stephen Vecchitto, Founder and CEO of Advenir Living) explains that leadership is not a title, it is a behavior. Successful leaders serve, guide, and give targeted care to those they lead. They also need to be a cheerleader, coach, counselor, and composer.
Combating loneliness is vitally important today. Especially in senior communities. Hannah shares her two favorite events serving a senior community with Apartment Life’s Strategic Initiative Division.
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Episode 226: Leaders and Learners

Jim Monk, President of Clozzits, took a start up from 1 employee to 8000! He learned many valuable lessons through that season. Jim emphasizes that leaders need to be life-long learners.
Alanna shares how by showing acts of care with your neighbors in times of need has had a profound impact. The impact was not only on her neighbors, but on her as well. Serving others can often be an amazing blessing in itself.
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Episode 225: Leadership Tips from the Top

Ernest shares his personal leadership journey and skill set. He also gives constructive and practical advice for young leaders in any field. Ernest guarantees that these tips will make any leader a success.
It has been said often, "People do not care how much you know, until you show how much you care." This is true for Apartment Life Coordinators as well. The Acton's share that showing care and love to their residents and staff are the keys to being able to serve their community well.

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Episode 224: What Happens When Work-Life is NOT in Balance

Everyone struggles to find work-Life balance. John shares his story of how being out of balance affected his family. He also shares tips of regaining his balance.
Building a support team to help the coordinators is vital for success. Quincy and Katelyn, share that they enjoy putting together. They also give tips on how to select the right team  and what functions they can be trained to enhance the service.
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Episode 223: Building a Healthy Culture

Henry Cloud said, “As a leader, you always get what you create and what you allow.” Every company has a culture whether they built it or allowed it. Dana explains how to build and measure the culture of a company in a fast-moving environment.
Tosha shares how she serves her communities with “intentionality” in everything she does. A simple smile, kind words, or helping to brighten someone’s day has a powerful impact.
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Episode 222: Hungry, Humble, and Smart

Payton Mayes (CEO of JPI) explains how their company implements the values of Patrick Lencioni’s bestselling book, “The Ideal Team Player”. Whether making hiring decisions or building a company culture, Payton shares the importance of these three key character qualities.
Apartment Life coordinators are known for their great events. However, the end goal of Apartment Life is not just to host wonderful events. It is to build community for the residents. The Landis’ explains how they use hosting events to build that sense of authentic community.
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Episode 221:  Strategic Leadership: It is the Differentiator?

Every leader needs to be strategic about how they lead and how they grow their leadership. Mark shares numerous qualities that leaders should have developed along their journey. Humility, being genuine, directness, and a willingness to serve clients and staff are a few of them. Having a group who will help you see your blind spots is indispensable.  
 One of the often-overlooked aspects of Apartment Life’s services to communities is resident visits. Crystal discusses the different types of visits they conduct for the community and the why behind them. There is great impact by meeting residents on their turf.
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Episode 220: Unlocking Leadership Potential

Every person is filled with a degree of leadership potential. For most people it is even more than they realize. Every leader who hires new staff wants to help them grow to become the very best leaders that they were created to be. Kiley shares three principles for you to unlock that potential.
Monthly social events are a powerful way Apartment Life teams build community for residents. Andre describes how finding and utilizing local vendors is the key to connecting the residents to the community outside boundary of their property. If residents love their neighborhood, it increases the chances of them staying on their property.
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Episode 219:  What to Do When You Stumble

Everyone stumbles as some point in life. The key is picking yourself up and moving on. Marshall Edwards, founding board member of Apartment Life shares tips from his sports and business experiences.
Serving residents with diverse backgrounds, ages, and occupations can be a challenge in planning social events that hit the mark for everyone. Kiara describes her favorite events to meet the need of her residents. The events range from pet art events, amazing pool parties, to tea tasting. Each one creates a memorial way to meet their neighbors.
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Episode 218: Humble, Hungry, and Hustle

Three key core leadership characteristics that lead to success are being Humble, Hungry, and Hustle. These principles (found in H3 Leadership), in the right balance, can set the stage for any leader to maximize their potential. Donna shares her journey to the top.
An important aspect to the success for most of the Apartment Life coordinators is utilizing outside help or volunteers at strategic times. The Thomson's share how strategically having friends, family, and their small group to serve their community, not only impacts their resident events but helps in recruiting new potential residents and coordinators.
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Episode 217:  Three Elements of a Good Job

John takes the complicated challenge of leadership and boils it down to three main pillars that people can use as a template to build their own style of leadership for their context.
Great events not only help to build a sense of community, reestablish existing connections, a create a central gathering place, they also can create lasting memories. Cat shares how her Miami Vice and Casino Night with a Cause build lasting memories that will keep residents talking about your community for years.
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Episode 216: From the Military to the Corporate World

The military and corporate worlds are different in many obvious ways. Brett shares from his twenty-years of experience in the Georgia Army National Guard several leadership lessons he learned in the military that cross over well into the corporate world.
Difficult circumstances require “out of the box” solutions. During the pandemic the Villarreal’s created a unique way to connect their residents to each other and local businesses. It is a practice that they still use today to build community.
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Episode 215:  Extreme Encouragement

The use of encouragement is a powerful yet often overlooked resource in developing a flourishing culture. Encouraging others in the workplace can be an intentional habit that everyone can develop. Jeremy shares several steps that will allow you to have an impact on those around you in a profound way.
Apartment living is transient for many residents. They can feel isolated and unseen. The Robertson’s make it their goal for every resident to feel seen and cared for. They share techniques that they use to make themselves available to each of their neighbors.
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Episode 214: “Having Honest Conversation”

There are many reasons that we and our co-workers have difficulty in having honest conversations at work. People are not trying to be dishonest, but there are competing factors in play. Will I hurt someone? Do I look bad bringing this up to my supervisor? Kendall shares several practical tips on having those needed honest conversations.
Most Apartment Life Coordinators would agree that serving a community is a very stretching experience. There are many different skills and many different tasks that are required to do the job well. The Groft’s mention that there are at least three ways that they have been stretched being coordinators.
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Episode 213:  Creating Authentic Relationships at Work

The workplace can sometimes be a difficult setting to be more than professional in nature. Danielle reminds listeners that being authentic and real helps build true relationships where trust exists between co-workers and with clients.
Our world is running at warp speed today and building relationships can be hard to start or develop. The Peterson’s share how they intentionally set aside time and spaces to engage in conversations with residents. This not only is a wonderful way to show that they care about the community, but it allows them to hear about other needs that they can then try to meet.
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Episode 212: “Having A Work-Life Plan”

There seems to be a continual pull between a leader’s work and the rest of their life. 
Alicia Stoermer Clark, CEO of Seldin Company shares how to build a “work-life plan” that includes persistence, compartmentalization, and recognition.
The Burris’ share how resident visits are a powerful part of building a sense of authentic community, jump starting relationships, and connecting with new residents. It also brings a solid business value to the community in helping increase satisfaction and resident retention. Visits are a win-win-win proposition!
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Episode 211:  Leaders Prepare For The Future

It is vitally import for leaders to have an eye to the horizon to see what may be coming next in order to prepare their companies for it. Ryan shares the how Witten Advisors does “data carpentry” to help them see trends and forecasts in the industry.
The Hutzler’s intentionally build solid relationships not only with their residents, but also with their property staff. This allowed them to be available during a major life event for their property manager. That is just the beginning of their story.
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Episode 210: Excellence in Business

If your goal is to be successful in leadership, there are mindset characteristics that are needed. Hugh discusses the need to continually be focused on growing personally; learning to communicate direction in a way that speaks life into others; and focus the spotlight on others in humility.
The Atkinson’s have developed a creative event for their community that has become indispensable. Their “Community Conversation” event is their most popular event and allows residents to discuss vital topics relevant to all their residents.  
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Episode 209:  Abundance

It is easy to fall into a scarcity mindset. William Ryan discusses the reality of “abundance” and the possibility of making the pie bigger. Remembering our source and saying “yes” only to the right opportunities are a couple of the tips he shares in this episode.
By being intentional and strategic, the Smith’s are averaging almost 30 acts of care a month. That is one per day! People can go through their week or even month and never have someone do an act of care for them. Robert and Michaela attempt to touch as many in their community as they can, and it makes a difference.
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Episode 208: Excellence in Business

Everyone wants their business to run well, function smoothly, and at the end of the day be profitable. Tom Sittema, Executive Chairman of StepStone Private Wealth, approaches excellence in business as something that needs to be viewed as a whole-of-life pursuit, a constant improvement mindset, and often as a team sport.
The Nelsons have not only been Apartment Life Coordinators for 11 years, but they have also taken serving their residents to a whole new level! Richard developed a “tea” event that is outstanding. Yes, tea! Their community cannot get enough, and other communities use his services. Joanne shares how they cared for a resident in an above-and-beyond way. 
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Episode 207:  Helping Stuck Organizations Get Unstuck

Many organizations discover that they have somehow become stuck. Pete Kelly, CEO of Apartment Life describes three reasons why this can happen to organizations and to individuals. He also shares several steps for getting unstuck and back on track.
Everyone wants to be seen and cared for where they live. Destiny and Isaac share how that giving flowers, providing food to neighbors in need, giving a card, , or sharing a smile can start meaningful relationships. No act of kindness is too small to have an impact.
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Episode 206: The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle

Paul (Co-Founder and CEO, Thompson Thrift Real Estate Company) shares the value and power of servant leadership in the workplace. Thompson Thrift takes this principle to new heights by integrating serving others from the Board Room, to staff members, to their properties, to local non-profits, and to others in need globally.
Katie and Steven share how remembering the “Why” has enabled them to serve as coordinators with Apartment Life for 15 years. They also mastered the art of transition. They served 4 different communities, 3 owners, and 12 property managers with grace and powerful impact. The helped build community in part by hosting over 500 events!  
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Episode 205:  The Core Value of the P6

Core values help solid companies stay on course and shape the decision-making process. Matt Maglothin, Chief Investment Officer at i3 Interests describes how i3 Interests uses the P6 (Pause, Pray, Pow wow, Prepare, Practice, and Present) when making all big decisions. There is a power to the P6!
How do you build community when you do not know the culture? The Hunts share their tips of how they learned how to serve their community when 80% of the residents are from India and in their very first home in the US. The Hunts discovered that event start times, menus choices, length of visits, and personal interactions all were affected. Mattie and Joel share how they have bult tremendous sense of community.

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Episode 204: Work-Life Integration

Many people talk about and struggle with “work-life balance”. Greg Brenneman, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Turnworks Inc., discusses the advantages of “work-life integration”. Greg points out that the work in work-life balance usually wins out. However, with work-life integration there is a harmony between both.
The Apartment Life’s Senior Adult program is designed to promote resident well-being in the physical, mental, occupational, social, and spiritual areas of life. Rosie shares how her communities of active senior adults thrive with this program. They love the events and have accepted Rosie as family.
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Episode 203:  How to Start Organizations that Last

David Oelfke, Co-Founder and Principal of Marble Capital shares his experience of starting and growing multiple successful organizations. He discusses the vital ingredients of vision, risk taking, skills and abilities, and building the right team. Oelfke goes in depth on each topic and how they contribute to a winning combination.
Beth Coble serves with the new Apartment Life’s concierge program. She describes how the programs are designed to meet the needs of each community and reflects its unique features. Located on Lake Wylie, Beth’s residents are treated to events such as lake cruises. Since Beth’s property is a lease-up, she has been able to get to know each resident personally.
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Episode 202: Motivation and Alignment around a Shared Purpose

Ben Erskine, Partner at Sovereign’s Capital shares that when we share a common purpose with others it brings a corresponding motivation and alignment with them. It also brings greater results. Whether speaking about business, employees, or clients, there is a power to being reminded of that common purpose. In our personal lives, it can take us from success to significance.
Lisa Moore describes how “building community partnerships is one of my greatest joys!” Her tenacity helps find perfect partnerships for the needs of her community. Lisa combs through Google, asks local churches, asks friends, and networks with others all to bring excellence for her residents.
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Episode 201:  Discovering Meaning in your Professional Walk

Greg Cerbana, VP for Public Relations and Government Affairs for Weidner Apartment Homes shares that we are all created to contribute in one way or another. Meaning comes not as much from the work that we do but from the impact that we make.
The Seavers, Lety and Ric, have found that having their own children involved with them as they serve has become integral to the success, they have building community on their property. They also make it their mission to love on, support, and show appreciation to their Property Manager. It is a demanding job for all managers. The Seavers bring a healthy dose of encouragement in many ways.
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Episode 119: “Transformational Leadership”

Dr. Debbie Phillips, President and Founder of The Quadrillion, explains how Transformational Leadership empowers a company’s staff to develop and create extraordinary results. She shares “Dr. Debbie’s Dozen” for making sure your staff is fully engaged is maximizing their talents in the organization.
The Martinez team have made it a science on how to research, recruit, and utilize outside groups and individuals to partner with them to enhance their service to their two communities. They partner with local schools, restaurants, nearby businesses, and churches to help them increase the breadth and depth of their service to the residents.
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Episode 118:  “Understanding Your Leadership Super-Power”

David Wylie, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Hilltop Residential, discusses the value of knowing your work “super-power”. He gives valuable tips on how to discover where you excel in your abilities.
Apartment Life Coordinators do a great job of building community through hosting events. But, when Tonya hosts a “Positivity Day” in her community, it is over the top! Residents love this time of growth and getting to know each other so much they demand to have it EVERY WEEK!
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Episode 117: “The Three Tests Of A Leader”

Paul Schultheis, the Founder and a Managing Partner at Strategic Resource Group for 28 years, shares three great tests for all leaders: they must cast vision, they must seek partnerships, and they must have followers.
Volunteers are a key to the most successful Apartment Life programs. Matt from Kent, WA shares the fundamentals of the “why”, “when”, and “who” of utilizing the power of volunteers for events. No matter the size of the community you do not need to serve alone. Coordinators can multiply their effectiveness by inviting others to join them.
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Episode 116:  “The Leader and Receiving Negative Feedback”

Rob de Bruin, President of StreetLights Residential, explains that all leaders have flaws. “Everyone sees them- why deny it?” Receiving negative feedback can be the key to growing as a leader.
Serving a Huge community of 1700 units does not faze the Morris in the slightest. In fact, they take their events to the next level. Their schedule includes events like “Puppy Prom “complete with a King and Queen; “Car Shows” with top-of-the-line EV’s with test drives; and an amazing “.5K Run” with all the extras.
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Episode 115: “The Heart of the Matter - Core Values”

Tara Griffin, Director of Apartment Life at Knightvest Residential, shares how a company’s core values are not just a nice slogan, but guide a company’s culture and relationships. Tara unpacks the C5 core values of Knightvest.
Ashle discusses that hosting events encourages neighbors to get to know one another. But, by showing acts of care to the residents, it let’s them know they are loved. Recently Ashle and Jeremy had 38 acts of care in one month!
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Episode 114:  “Leadership and Innovation”

Stan Dobbs, Founder of Apartment Life, reminds all leaders and organizations that innovation is crucial for continued success. The world around us keeps changing quickly. Organizations and leaders that desire to stay relevant must have a plan to keep innovating as well.
Serving as Apartment Life Coordinators can be challenging anywhere. Serving New York City takes that challenge to a whole new level. The Manning’s discuss life in the Big Apple and being an Apartment Life team.
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Episode 113: “Generosity in Leadership”

Mary and Tom Vande Guchte, share seven practical ways to live a lifestyle of generosity. They recount how during 2020 they were able to give away 100% of their profit to meet the needs of others.
Chris and Carrie Brown have a true passion for marriages and families. They do this in a BIG way by living at one community and serving five others! They share their story and how the whole family gets involved.
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Episode 112:  “Strategic Planning”

Brian Natwick, Chairman and CEO of Crescent Communities, reminds leaders that not only does strategic planning outline what a leader, team, or organization needs to be prioritizing and doing to be successful. But, well executed strategic planning also provides guardrails of what they should NOT be doing.
Showing care to our neighbors used to be second nature in our culture. It was just called “being neighborly”. Colleen shares how she was able to connect with residents and do some extraordinary ways to share loving care to residents.
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Episode 111: “Resilience in Leadership”

Scott Turner, Chief Visionary Officer for JPI, describes how all leaders need to develop the ability to be resilient in the difficulties of life and business. Resilience will help leaders to not only to survive but thrive during the challenging times of life.  
 Even people in high rise apartments need community. Jarret from Houston, TX discusses how events create space for residents to develop meaningful connections-even if there are 24 floors in the building. When planning events, from “Yappy Hours” to “Wine down Wednesdays”, the goal is to meet a practical need and a relational need.
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Episode 110:  “Leaders are Learners”

Jim Monk, President of Clozzits, took a start up from 1 employee to 8000! He learned many valuable lessons through that season. Jim emphasizes that leaders need to be life-long learners.
Events are crucial to building community by drawing residents together. The Crafts share how they put an amazing twist to their “pumpkin carving and pumpkin spice latte” event. They also put together many hands to pull off a successful Thanksgiving luncheon!
Asset 3-Sep-28-2023-07-00-11-2831-PM

Episode 109 : “Organizational Health”

Keith Dunkin, CEO of Waymaker, describes the necessity of developing organizational health. In healthy organizations everyone on the team matters. The core to organizational health is that everyone needs to be esteemed, valued, cared for, and feel secure.
Building community often means stretching yourself into unfamiliar areas. Ivan shares how he and his wife created community on a property comprised primarily of residents from southeast Asian countries. The food, greetings, and customs are vastly different. But everyone needs community.
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Asset 1-Sep-28-2023-06-57-40-4291-PM

Episode 108:  “Leadership is a Behavior”

Stephen Vecchitto, Founder and CEO of Advenir Living) explains that leadership is not a title, it is a behavior. Successful leaders serve, guide, and give targeted care to those they lead. They also need to be a cheerleader, coach, counselor, and composer.
Combating loneliness is vitally important today. Especially in senior communities. Hannah shares her two favorite events serving a senior community with Apartment Life’s Strategic Initiative Division.
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Asset 1-Sep-26-2023-12-11-10-1345-PM

Episode 107: “The Leader and their Relationships”

“Greg Bonifield, a Founding Partner at Woodfield Development, explains how part of a leader’s responsibilities is to handle relationships outside of the organization well. Those relationships should be more than transactional; they should be authentic.
Intentional acts of care often get overlooked when properties consider adding Apartment Life services to a community. However, it is like the glue that ties all the other pieces together. Elise from Orange County, California, helps residents “feel seen” in their community.
Asset 9-Sep-19-2023-03-27-53-8636-PM
Asset 10-Sep-19-2023-03-27-55-1846-PM

Episode 106: “Mentoring is Vital”

Roger Beless (Chief Operating Officer for StreetLights Residential) discusses both the value of mentoring others and the need of having a mentor in yourself. He shares examples of ways to organically make a difference in the lives of other.
Apartment Life Coordinator, Shawni describes how she serves three diverse communities at the same time in Seattle, WA. Because each community has its own culture and identity, they need special attention in different ways. She also explains how to connect with local restaurants and vendors to stretch the monthly budget and to expose residents to the great er community nearby.
Asset 1-Sep-12-2023-05-23-35-1454-PM
Asset 2-Sep-12-2023-05-23-38-4625-PM

Episode 105: “Excellent Communication”

Hyung Kim (Senior Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Equity at Pacific Life Investments) shares how good partners practice excellent communication. The key is “proactive communication” and “fully disclosing” the difficult topics.  
Apartment Life Coordinator Michelle Sosnowski shares how she shows genuine acts of care to residents and apartment staff alike in meaningful ways.
Asset 1-Sep-05-2023-10-24-38-5373-AM
Asset 2-Sep-05-2023-10-24-38-6296-AM

Episode 104: “Relentless Curiosity”

Charlie Paparelli, noted Angel investor and entrepreneur, shares what it means to be an angel investor and the art of asking questions. How to go below the surface and ask questions that give you insight about the person you are partnering with.
Tyrone and Staci Mayo from Houston, TX share how to serve with Apartment Life with children. Tyrone and Staci give the benefits of including the whole family in meaningful ways.
Asset 4-Aug-04-2023-02-34-26-5835-PM
Asset 1-Aug-29-2023-08-55-12-3667-PM

Episode 103: “Five Steps to Transform Your Business and Enrich Your Life”

Greg Brenneman, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Turnworks, Inc., discusses his book, Right Away & All at Once, and how he has been able to apply five basic steps that allowed him to successfully turn around dozens of companies. These same steps also translate to success in our personal lives.

This episode also features Liz Diaz, one of our program directors in Florida where she shares incredible stories of how she and her husband built deep and meaningful relationships in their community.

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Asset 3-Sep-05-2023-10-29-29-6094-AM

Episode 102: “Radical Candor”

Jody Thornton, President of Capital Markets for JLL, discusses that culture is the most important thing in building a business. From hiring to annual reviews and leading by example, authentic feedback is crucial to developing one’s leadership.

Getting to know residents and staff is key to building community. Emily from Raleigh, NC shares several unique ways they get to know and serve the staff in their community. One method had an extra powerful impact.
Asset 2-Aug-04-2023-02-28-54-1263-PM
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Episode 101: “Hungry, Humble, and Smart”

Payton Mayes, CEO of JPI, explains how his company implements the values of Patrick Lencioni’s bestselling book, The Ideal Team Player. Whether making hiring decisions or building a company culture, Payton shares the importance of these three key character qualities.

Apartment Life Coordinators, Brad and Rainy, share ways that they incorporate personalized events to build a deep sense of community in Houston, TX. The Goads make themselves available to their residents, listen to their needs, and design event opportunities.

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