Client Testimonials

Apartment Life has been extremely beneficial in building a sense of community, which then equates to an increase in resident renewals, a reduction in expenses, and an improvement in customer satisfaction. We consider them to be an extension of our onsite teams and an important part of the lifecycle of our residents' journey with us.

Apartment Life brings a personal touch to our resident experience. They lead our efforts to build a sense of community, and we believe that these relationships have a significant impact on our resident satisfaction and retention. Quarterra is committed to ensuring that we exceed resident expectations, and Apartment Life is important in making that happen.

We have used Apartment Life at our properties to significantly impact bottom-line performance and be present in our residents' lives. Apartment Life Coordinators help reduce turnover while encouraging, connecting, and loving on our residents in very significant ways.

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without Apartment Life. Avanath also gets to indirectly benefit from the many partnerships Apartment Life has established with a myriad of community organizations and agencies crucial for supplementing service costs and maintaining Avanath's reputation overall.

Over the years, Witten Advisors' surveys have consistently found that Apartment Life substantially raises both resident and staff satisfaction. Across many properties surveyed, both residents and staff rate their property's sense of community much higher than other properties where they've lived or worked.

Apartment Life has been a great partner for JPI in our resident services initiatives. Not only does Apartment Life make business sense, it also helps us achieve our goal of making a real difference in the lives of our associates and residents.

I'm a believer in Apartment Life! The personal relationships that their coordinators develop with our residents is a huge benefit for us at ZRS. They have committed acts of kindness that have blown my mind. Apartment Life goes above and beyond to help care for residents in a way that is priceless.

Apartment Life has clearly created value on our properties by drawing our residents into activities, into friendships with other residents, and by helping our staff create a welcoming environment in the community.

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